Things to Know before Selling Paintings Online

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With more people transferring to sell paintings through the internet, there are a few things one should know before diving in this area. Knowing about these will help one become familiar with some questions which might be lurking in their mind. This article ensures that every artist who is planning to sell their work online knows about some of the aspects mentioned below. 

1. Artist first, entrepreneur later 

One should know that he/she is an artist first and then everything else. Maximum time, as well as, effort should be invested in creating a masterpiece. The first task is to master the artistic characteristics and becoming an expert in paintings. It is only after this, that an individual can create numerous quality paintings and then, afford to sell his/her work online. 

Now coming to paintings for sale online and promoting work, one can take the help of professionals in doing so. There are websites that will allow people to showcase their art and help in selling it by displaying it in front of potential buyers. After getting work-ready, one can use such websites along with various social media platforms to make his/her art popular among the masses.

2. How and what to charge for a piece of painting? 

Pricing artwork is one of the most crucial things in this business. If any piece is under-priced by an artist, then he/she is undermining his/her creativity and potential. However, pricing is higher than it should be might just make it out of buyers’ reach which leads to no sale. 

Therefore, before pricing a painting, one should understand the effort put into it and how much one expects from selling it. To sell paintings, price should reflect total hours worked on a piece along with the cost of medium and art materials. 

There are numerous ways to calculate the exact price for artworks. It includes square inch X price (dollar, euro, etc.), hours spent X hourly rate + art materials and medium, height and width X square inch cost, etc. are some of the ways to price an art accurately. 

3. Acquiring opinions and critics 

Another thing one should know is that getting opinions and receiving critics is all part of this business. After pricing is set, taking it to potential buyers as well as the targeted audience will help one receive comments and statements that will help in future development. Going through people’s tips on skills, artwork, etc. will help in improving future paintings for sale online. 

Moreover, one can gather information about artworks as where one sees a piece being used like at home, office, non-commercial or commercial establishments. This also helps in engaging with potential clients and getting work critically assessed will help in creating masterpieces that will sell hugely later. 

4. Keeping statement and information updated

This is a mistake that most artists make. An artist should be consistent in his/her statement. If any artist is not able to maintain the status quo, his/her work will not sell easily online as well as in a gallery. Also, always keep all information up-to-date as it will help the targeted audience to reach the necessary people for buying art or knowing about it before one can sell paintings. 

So, now that you know these things, you are ready to start selling your work online!

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