Spring Wedding Trends

Spring has officially arrived and it’s the perfect season for weddings. Many couples want to have a Pinterest-perfect or “Instagrammable” wedding and that typically means hiring the right Indian wedding DJ and keeping up with the latest wedding trends. 

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some popular wedding trends for this spring:

Eco-Friendly Weddings- an increasing number of people have awareness of eco-friendly lifestyles. Locally-sourced flowers, plastic-free weddings, vegan dinners and other carbon-offsetting details can make your wedding eco-oriented. Ask guests to limit the number of cars in the venue and encourage them to use one glass only throughout the wedding event. Invitations on recycled paper is another idea for eco-friendly weddings.

Pre-Loved Or Vintage Dresses- the textile industry contributes to a sizable percentage of global carbon footprint. Vintage wedding dresses allow you to reduce these harmful outputs. Pre-loved, refurbished wedding gowns are sold for only a third of the original price. Because these dresses were worn only once, they should still look brand new. This decision has positive implications to both your finances and the environment.

Metallic Details- metallic details works well for spring wedding themes. If you choose metallic ornaments and decorations for your wedding ceremony, make sure that they have identical colours. Ideal metallic colours for wedding events are titanium, platinum, rose gold, copper, silver and gold. It is easy to have shimmery wedding décor with metallic ornaments. 

White And Green Minimalism- eco-friendliness and minimalism are top trends for this year. Green wedding decorations will be popular as ever. Try to combine fern green, with alabaster white. Find other white-green combinations that work best for your decorations.

Food Stations- sandwich or pizza trucks are nice additions to casual wedding ceremonies. It breaks away from the conventional seated dining. These food stations provide a more immersive and relaxed culinary experience. Guests can ask for pizza or a sandwich with specific ingredients. It creates a ‘wow’ factor that’s memorable for everyone.

Wedding Decorations- balloons are not just for birthdays and kids’ events. It’s a creative idea that works for this spring. Balloons can be part of decorations for centrepieces, columns and arches.

Clear Acrylic Décor- Acrylic décor gives you an ultra-trendy and sleek appearance. Clear acrylic is more durable than glass, so it’s easy to work with.

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