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Music is a kind of art which involves organized and audible sounds and silence. It’s normally expressed when it comes to pitch (including tune and harmony), rhythm (including tempo and meter), and the caliber of seem (including timbre, articulation, dynamics, and texture). Music might also involve complex generative forms over time through the making of patterns and mixtures of natural stimuli, primarily seem. Music can be utilized for artistic or aesthetic, communicative, entertainment, or ceremonial purposes. The phrase what constitutes music varies based on culture and social context.

If painting may very well be a visible talent, music may very well be an auditory talent.

Allegory of Music, by Filippino Lippi

Allegory of Music, by Lorenzo Lippi


1 Definition

2 History

3 Aspects

4 Production 4.1 Performance

4.2 Solo and ensemble

4.3 Dental tradition and notation

4.4 Improvisation, interpretation, composition

4.5 Composition


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The largest meaning of music is organized seem. You will find observable patterns to what’s broadly labeled music, even though you will find understandable cultural variations, the qualities of music would be the qualities of seem as perceived and processed by humans and creatures (wild birds and insects also make music).

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