Proven Ways to Memorize Song Lyrics Fast

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You’ve got a concert, a recital, or you just want to make sure you remember the right words to a song. Not to worry. To make it easy for you, we’ve put together a useful list of things you can do to help memorize song lyrics. You can use many proven and valuable strategies to help drive the song lyrics home so you won’t forget them when the big moment comes.

Here are some effective ways to get the job done:

Analyze the song lyrics

What is the story about, and what do every phrase and word mean? Go into details. 

Let the feeling of song lyrics genuinely and authentically become part of you

Use real emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, sorrow, etc., and connect them to each phrase of verse of the song.

Write down the song repeatedly

Try to write down the lyrics of a particular song over and over until you fall asleep just the day before performing. It worked like a charm.

Visualize the story

Create a short video in your mind that relates to the lyrics, and keep playing that movie when you’re memorizing the song. Your mind loves pictures and can better recall lyrics attached to visualizations.

Learn music and lyrics separately

The brain will absorb and recall lyrics much quicker when the music and lyrics come from different brain parts. Choose the best online platform to find Romantic song lyrics

Go slowly

Pronounce and articulate each phrase and word real slowly, divided into syllables spoken with clear vowels and consonants to grasp it thoroughly.

Sing yourself to sleep

Sing the lyrics at bedtime just before you fall asleep. The brain will absorb the lyrics into the subconscious mind. Then sing the lyrics right after you wake up to restore the memory. It’s a reliable and effective way of getting information into the long-term memory and increasing your retention.

Create a list

Create a top 10 list with your favorite songs and work on learning them. Play the songs randomly and as often as possible to a small crowd of just a single person. Playing in front of people is the most significant test!

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