Oculus Thought After Watching The Film

Oculus is a horror film directed by Mike Flanagan, starring Brandon schweitz and Karen Gillan. It was officially released in the United States on April 11, 2014. The film tells about the unfortunate childhood experiences of Kelly and Tim’s brother and sister. Their parents died mysteriously. When Kelly grew up, she suspected that everything was caused by antique mirrors at home, so she and her brother tried to expose the truth by high-tech means. Click here to watch Oculus movie online free, and you can also Watch Horror Movies Online Free.

Introduction to Oculus’s Plot

Tim (Brandon Switz) and Kelly (Karen Gillan) witnessed the tragic death of their parents when they were young. After years of investigation, Kelly believes that the antique mirrors in her hometown have an evil curse, and the mirror owners of all ages have not ended well, which is also the cause of their families’ destruction. The two brothers and sisters returned to their hometown to seek evidence and try to destroy the antique mirrors. Unexpectedly, their memories began to look back. Facing the unforgettable past, they were so painful that they could hardly suffocate. They began to be unable to distinguish between reality and illusion, as if they were in the dust of memory on the night of the tragedy.

Oculus Review

The plot of the whole film is compact, and the suspense is set with no urine point. But the real difference of the film is that the director introduces some narrative methods in art films into horror films, so it is more complicated than most horror films. In the process of sister’s experiment, the two clues of the present and the past were crossed. As the sister and brother entered the deeper illusion, the time and space of memory and the present time and space began to merge and mingle. The audience also fell into the mystery mirror of narration, and could not tell whether it was the flashback of the past or the illusion of the hero. The ending and the beginning of the film form a circular structure, which has only appeared in art films in the past. If you are tired of watching traditional horror films, oculus is a good choice.

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