Cowbell Brewery Presents: Hazy Days IPA and More

Cowbell Brewery was a dream that officially became a reality on August 5, 2017, opening its doors to the small but beautiful town of Blyth in Huron County, Ontario. Owned and proudly operated by a small group of craft beer enthusiasts, Cowbell Brewery is home to some of Canada’s finest brews.

If you’ve been searching for a friendly environment to kick back and enjoy conversation with your loved ones, Cowbell offers the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

What makes Cowbell Brewery stand out from the crowd is the people behind the name. It is owned by true craft beer enthusiasts who want to share their love of fine, flavourful drinks with the local community and beyond.

Hazy Days IPA

One such drink is Cowbell’s Hazy Days IPA. Rich with flavour and intense aromas, you’ll find yourself returning again and again for this mouth-watering IPA. Indeed, Hazy Days features 35 IBU and 6% ABV, ensuring a stout beer that delivers an unforgettable and unmatched taste.

So, what makes this IPA such a hit? For starters, Cowbell’s brewers use only the cleanest, freshest water from their on-site well. It’s pure, simple, and provides the perfect balance to each and every one of their brews. 

Cowbell Brewery also made sure to use only the finest malts, consisting of 2-row Canadian barley. Its flavour is neutral, ensuring that you get more taste from the hops. 

And speaking of hops, patrons are treated to a litany of fruit and stone fruit flavours, including mango, tropical fruit, citrus, earthy pine, lemon, and more. It’s the perfect combination of ingredients, coming together to provide you with one of Cowbell’s most requested craft beers.

Pomegranate Honeysuckle

Clientele looking for even more flavour need look no further than to Cowbell Brewery’s own Pomegranate Honeysuckle Fruit Sour. If you prefer more fruit flavour and less hoppy bitterness, the 10 IBU and 4% ABV Pomegranate Honeysuckle was made with your taste buds in mind.

It’s truly incredible what the masterminds behind Cowbell Brewery were able to create in this drink, and anyone who partakes in it will surely leave impressed. Even more remarkable is the technique Cowbell employs to make this beer.

Known as kettle souring or fast souring, Cowbell brewers can quickly sour unfermented wort, cutting the production time down to a matter of days or even hours. This is notable for speeding up a technique that usually takes weeks to years to complete.

And whereas mixed fermentations run the risk of contaminating other batches or equipment, Cowbell Brewery boils their wort after souring. 

This method ensures the elimination of the Lactobacillus used to sour their wort. You’re left with a clean, flavour-packed beer that is one of Cowbell’s most impressive beer blends. 

Stop by Cowbell Brewery Today

If you’re ready to experience one of Huron County fastest-growing attractions, be sure to visit Cowbell Brewery. You’ll be treated to stellar customer service, the finest craft beers this side of Canada, and delightful food, to boot! Their town might be small, but the flavours of their beers are huge.

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