4 Apps For Mobile Entertainment While On The Move

It’s easy to imagine: you are traveling somewhere and it takes ages to get to your destination. You are on an airplane, a train, or – heavens, in a bus, and you don’t know what to do. You’ve read all the articles you are interested, and checked out the whole pattern of upholstered seat in front of you. What else can you do? We’ll give you a few hints here!

Live Streaming Apps

You like sports, and you are on your way to a conference, on a business trip, or taking your family to your folks 4 hours away. And just in this time there’s a game you really wanted to watch. No worries, this can be easily solved with different Android or iOS apps that stream all the popular and some of the not so mainstream sports matches and games.

Apps like YipTV, ESPN, La Liga TV, or CBS Sports can give you plenty of entertainment on your boring trips and waiting sessions. All you have to do is to download one of these apps on your mobile device, have a stable internet connection, and browse or search for the games you want to watch.

Sports betting apps

If you want the thrill of gambling, you can also download a sports betting app that can keep you entertained for longer than you would have expected. The betting apps nowadays are not the simple “choose matches, place your bets”, and wait bored as a moose in a lego store for the end results.

Today’s betting apps come with live feed on all matches available for betting, and some of these matches are available to stream live with just a little bandwidth. This way you can also utilize the live-betting feature while you watch your favorite third-league club playing against their biggest rivals.

On apps such as UniBet, Paddy Power, Sport Nation, or BetFried, you can bet on football, basketball, tennis matches, horse races, hound races, and various US sports.

Video Slot Apps

If you are for more of a hands-on gambling thrill, you can check out various xo slot apps that will keep you entertained for hours. Video Slots, or Online Slot Games, are getting more and more popular with the market growing in terms of users and offer.

Some of the slot games feature juicy jackpots and you can always check for a game that has the amount of risk you are comfortable with.

Steam Online Gaming App

Steaming is one of the most famous game downloading platform in the world. With great discount streaks and the largest game library, they’ve been known to provide games for cheaper prices and other unique services.

Steam has in the past couple of years developed and grown a powerful game downloading app as well. Many popular game developers followed the trend of popularization of mobile games and started developing great games for mobiles. This includes mobile versions of already popular titles, like God of War, COD, Don’t Starve, etc.

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