Top 5 Reasons Why Kids Should Grow Up Reading and Listening Fairy Tales

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Growing up reading and listening to fairy tales has been an essential part of our childhood, so was it for our parents when they were kids, and the trend shall pass to our kids, their kids so on and so forth. So what makes these fantasy stories of imaginary lands, princes and princesses, and the evil witches so popular? Why do all parents pick up fairytales as the first piece of literature to introduce to their kids? We list below some reasons why kids have and will always grow up with fairy tales, and why it is a good thing:

Life Lessons

Every single fairy tale finished with a moral. These stories, which are captivating and engaging, quickly strike a chord with the kids. The virtuous hero and the lovely princess effortlessly become our children’s role models, and they begin to imitate them. These stories are not always only about how the right always triumphs over the wrong, but deep inside them reside essential life lessons.

Cultural Appreciation

You read a story to the kids, and they will be fascinated by the lifestyle and culture of the characters. The cultural contexts of Arabian Nights and Snow White, and The Seven Dwarfs are starkly different from one another. Children get exposed to different milieus and learn to appreciate their beauty all.

Nurture Imagination

Fairytales are inflated versions of real life. They take you beyond what you see, and listening to and reading these stories; children start picturing this unknown world. This helps in boosting the imagination. The visual fairy-tales books and film versions further enhance the skill.

Give Hope

These fables offer positivity and hope. They teach the children to persevere and never let hope die. Take, for instance, the hopeless life of Cinderella. A little girl whose stepmother and evil step-sisters tortured her had her world turned around when her good fortune took her to a ball where a happy mishap ended all her miseries. Isn’t that a beautiful story to teach your kids never to lose hope because life can turn around at any moment!

The Possibility of the Impossible

As these fantasy stories feed the child’s imagination, the concept of what is possible and what is not sees many changes. They start to find possibilities and alternatives even in those situations, where those lacking an innovative bent of mind would see only a dead end. This, in turn, helps them keep looking for solutions and answers. Fairy tales encourage them to always think- ‘what if, like the story, there will be a magic genie/wand in the real world too?’ and so they keep looking.

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