Doubting Tomas — Making waves with their new edgy single

Stop Bitch’n Around; the song has already won acclaim from all over the world. Have you ever listened to a piece of edgy music and wondered, “What the heck were these guys thinking?” at some point? With slacker attitudes, off-key vocals, several angular shifts, and a touch of some dark metal good rock n roll, the rest is history. The hard rock band Doubting Tomas is happy to announce the release of Stop Bitch’n Around; it is their most cutting-edge new song and the music video to date. 

Doubting Thomas, a rock band from Germany, comes back with “Stop Bitch’n Around,” another edgy rock n roll song. They have been producing and composing since 1980 and have delighted audiences onboard premium cruise ships while busking in Germany. In their most recent single, “Stop Bitch’n Around,” they have combined dark pop and alternative rock elements to create a wholly original sound that features bass, synths, and live instruments like piano and electric guitar. All the while connecting the song’s lyrical ideas with the crystal-clear and seductive vocals.

Doubting Tomas was established in 1980 in Nuremberg, Germany, in the shadow of the Iron Curtain. Throughout the years, the band has gone by several names and lineups of members. Lead guitarist and vocalist Bill Brewster claim that its Hard Rock basis has remained constant. According to Brewster, the band had the good fortune to mature when acts like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath were finding their footing. A 30-year path from Air Band to Recording Artist was started by those influences and other unique pop hard rock artists like Journey, Foreigner, Styx, and REO Speedwagon. 

The song features original members Billy B on lead guitar, Jeff Rose on percussion, new bassist Sergio Unzueta, the group’s new singer Alex VanTrue, and new world-class producer Eddie Kramer. Alex’s natural skill on the vocals and Billy’s captivating guitar riffs give Stop Bitch’n Around its wicked rougher sound at its foundation. While talking about the song, billy shared that they are beyond thrilled to offer something on edge, a bit controversial, but good old rock n’ roll. Also, they were fortunate to see Stop Bitch’n Around receive many favorable reviews, which portrayed how much their fans valued them. 

Stop Bitch’n Around is a beautifully old-sounding hard-rocker that brilliantly captures the genre’s essence. It has killer riffs, engaging hooks, and lots of that classic rock attitude. A good time is had from beginning to end thanks to Doubting Tomas’ deliciously meaty sounding track, which also has excellent character and terrific production characteristics. On the other hand, after delivering such a banging addition to unveiling a new single and music video, Doubting Tomas informed fans that it would soon release a brand-new album and embark on a tour of Europe and the US. Dates for these events are provided on the Doubting Tomas website.

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